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Strong system company will present its products at Futuroad Expo Astana 2020

The STRONG SYSTEM LLC company successfully develops and produces a large range of spare parts and fasteners for cargo and trailer transport, buses and special, both domestic and imported. All products are manufactured in compliance with the necessary technological standards, according to standards accepted in Russia.
Developed partner programs in the framework of optimization of production and trade and procurement activities make it possible to obtain attractive prices and conditions for cooperation with the company. The products are delivered both to the Assembly line and to the secondary market.
The company "Strong System" produces: exhaust system for vehicles KAMAZ, NEFAZ, ladders for: KAMAZ, KAVZ, PAZ, GAZ, Ural, MERCEDES BENZ, SCANIA, VOLVO, RENAULT, FREIGHTLINER, IVECO-AMT; ladders for trailers and semi-trailers: avtomaster, NEFAZ, SZAP; ladders on the axis: BPW, SAF, ROR, SCHMITZ, FRUEHAUF, as well as brackets, keys, washers, plates.
We deliver products to the main conveyors: NEFAZ, avtomaster, IVECO-AMT, KAVZ, PAZ. The product warranty is 2 years. It is always PROFITABLE to work with manufacturers!!!