Media accreditation

Accredited media representatives can visit the exhibition and business events on all days of the exhibition. You will receive a personal badge, exhibition guide and press materials.


Applications for accreditation are accepted only from officially registered media. For accreditation to Komtrans Astana + BUSexpo Astana, please, send an 

application with your contacts and an indication of the publication by e-mail: ainagul.mailybayeva@bmca.kz

We will be grateful if you provide the organizers with copies of your publications, or links to them.


Freelance journalists should send a letter from the editor-in-chief of the media, which they represent by e-mail: ainagul.mailybayeva@bmca.kz

Media accreditation does not apply to employees of advertising and other commercial departments. For free access to the exhibition, they can get an e-ticket.