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Production of new KAMAZ trucks launched in Kazakhstan

The KAMAZ Engineering joint venture in Kazakhstan has begun production of K4 generation truck tractors - KAMAZ-5490 and KAMAZ-65206. The development of the production of these particular models is due to the demand from consumers, the press service of KAMAZ reports.
The plans of the KAMAZ Engineering plant for the next year are to increase the production of these trucks to 100 units per year, as well as to master the production of the KAMAZ-65207 flatbed truck and the KAMAZ 54901 mainline tractor.

The Kazakh-Russian joint venture KAMAZ Engineering has been producing KAMAZ vehicles since 2005 and has produced more than 15 thousand units of equipment over 15 years of operation. The range of produced vehicles includes 85 basic models and 98 different modifications of vehicles and special equipment on the KAMAZ chassis.