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More than just economical - Actros

Mercedes-Benz trunk trucks. If you want to always be ahead of competitors, you need trucks that provide high efficiency not only on the road, but also in the balance sheets of your company...

Actros is one of these cars. It is distinguished by a high level of comfort. Numerous fuel-efficient innovation systems and perfectly complementary services will have a positive effect on the profitability of your company. It is powerful, easy to manage and safe. A variety of configuration options and modifications allows you to configure the perfect car to perform almost any task in the field of long-haul freight.

Transportation of goods over long distances with Mercedes-Benz.

If you want to always be ahead of the rest, you need trucks that provide high efficiency not only on the road, but also in the balance sheets of your company. Actros has all the advantages in order to become a leader in these aspects. It provides a high level of comfort. It is equipped with a variety of functions aimed at reducing fuel consumption and innovative technical solutions. Special appeal from the point of view of profitability of use is provided due to ample opportunities for maintenance. Actros guarantees ease of handling, safety on the road and driving excellence. The Actros lineup includes a variety of truck models and various additional equipment, thus making it possible to select a truck configuration that would meet almost any task related to the main cargo transportation.

Also Actros trucks successfully cope with the transportation of super-heavy loads. Trucks have a robust design, operational versatility and are specially designed for the transport of super heavy goods with a full mass of the train up to 250 tons.

Actros is getting better.

With the launch of the Actros model in 1996, Mercedes-Benz opened a new chapter in the history of trucks. Actros won not only numerous international awards, such as the famous "Truck of the Year" or the Red Dot Award, but also popularity, which no other truck can match.

Each new generation of Actros sets new standards: Due to the high comfort of main truck cabs, manifested, for example, in high internal height, a large number of storage compartments, as well as in a modern, ergonomic driver’s workplace.

At the expense of exemplary efficiency: Thanks to the constant optimization of the transmission power unit, additional consumers and aerodynamics, pursuing one goal: a further reduction in fuel consumption. Innovations such as the BlueTEC, Mercedes PowerShift or Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) engines are just some examples of how Actros determine the scale in any balance - this also applies to the new anniversary model.

But also because Mercedes-Benz always remains true to its pioneer role in safety issues: Thus, for the Actros, as early as 2001, the lane retention system was offered as an additional package - 14 years before this safety system began to be offered in series. The next example is the fourth generation of Active Brake Assist, which increases the safety of all road users.


The cabs of the Actros trucks are available in 11 versions and provide extremely comfortable conditions for the driver to work and rest, allowing him to solve any tasks for the main transportation of goods. The cabin is very comfortable and has a clear separation between the working and living areas. The internal height of the cabin reaches 2.13 m. The possibility of free movement, spacious storage compartments and comfortable sleeping places provide optimal comfort for work and leisure.


High efficiency of the car is achieved due to several factors. For example, Actros trucks have implemented a number of highly efficient fuel-saving technologies, and a wide range of services can improve the economic efficiency and availability of the vehicle. Moreover, using services such as FleetBoard and Mercedes-Benz Finance can help reduce operating costs. Also a significant role is played by driver training.

Driving dynamics.

Great driving experience is provided by the rear axle mounting structure and informative steering control. Sixteen engine models of various capacities up to 460 kW (625 hp) work in conjunction with the automatic transmission of a Mercedes PowerShift 3 and guarantee ease of operation, economy of work and driving pleasure.