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Kazakhstan resumes flights with 11 countries

The list of countries of the first and second categories with which Kazakhstan resumes international flights has been expanded. In the first category were added: Hungary, India, Germany, Czech Republic and Malaysia. There are no restrictions for passengers arriving from countries of the first category. Earlier in the first category were included: China, Korea, Georgia, Japan and Thailand.
“The countries of the second category include Egypt, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Previously, communication was only with Turkey. For passengers arriving from countries of the second category, there is the following restriction: if there is a certificate for coronavirus - without restrictions, if there is no certificate, then a direction is sent to undergo PCR analysis within 48 hours or 14-day home quarantine,” - explained the chief sanitary Republican physician Sadvakas Baigabulov at a briefing in the CCS.

He noted that the certificate is valid from the moment of its receipt, if it has not been five days from the moment of crossing the state border.

“It should be noted that the third category is countries that are not included in the first and second categories. Flights are prohibited here. Evacuation and charter flights arriving from the third category of countries, if there is a certificate, are exempted from restrictions, if there is no certificate, they are also given a notice of the PCR study. Or quarantine for 14 days, ”added the nurse.

From June 20, since the resumption of international flights, 17 flights have been made to Kazakhstan from Turkey, 2163 passengers arrived, with information there were 465 people.

“In the course of the flight, questionnaires are conducted, and contactless thermometry is carried out at the airport. The temperature of the arriving passengers and other symptoms, not excluding the coronavirus, was not detected,” - Baygabulov said.