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How well are the regions of Kazakhstan equipped with fire trucks?

The informational partner of the exhibition continues the series of articles about the provision of state and social organizations with special equipment. The AutoReport editorial team is discussing the supply of regions with firefighting equipment, which has become particularly relevant against the backdrop of forest fires in the Abai and Kostanay regions.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the level of equipment in the department with fire trucks stands at 89%, totaling 3,228 units of special equipment. The average lifespan of fire trucks is reported to be 15 years, as stated in the response from the Ministry of Emergency Situations to an official inquiry from the AutoReport editorial team.

What types of fire trucks are there?

According to the Instruction on Technical Service in the Subdivisions of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the primary type of firefighting equipment is fire trucks. Depending on their purpose, fire trucks are classified as main, special, or auxiliary.

The main task of primary fire trucks is to deliver specific firefighting agents and rescuers to the location of a fire. This category includes tanker trucks, first-aid vehicles, as well as specialized equipment for powder or foam extinguishing, and more.

Specialized equipment is used for specific tasks such as smoke and gas removal, high-altitude work, and so on.

Auxiliary equipment is employed when there's a need for additional tools, equipment, fueling, and similar items that may be required during a fire. This allows for swift responses to changing situations, minimizes damage from fires, and enhances the efficiency of the entire firefighting unit.

How many fire trucks does the government procure?

For the year 2023, the purchase of 88 fire trucks from the republican budget and 192 units of equipment from regional budgets is planned. In 2022, 121 units of firefighting equipment were acquired for the firefighting services using funds from the republican budget, and another 121 units were purchased from local budgets. "In 2021, the funds allocated from the republican budget for the ministry's needs (134 units of equipment) were not supported by the budget committee's decision, while 154 units of firefighting equipment were purchased from local budget funds," as stated in the Ministry of Emergency Situations' announcement.

Where are fire trucks manufactured?

The Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that in support of domestic defense-industrial complex manufacturers, the annual purchase of firefighting equipment is carried out through the state defense order. Out of the total acquired vehicles for the ministry, 70% are sourced from domestic producers.
In Kazakhstan, there are four primary enterprises producing firefighting equipment - JSC "UralskAgroRemMash" (Uralsk), JSC "811 Auto Repair Plant KI" (Ereymentau, Akmola region), LLP "SemAZ" (Semey), and JSC "KamAZ-Engineering" (Kokshetau).

The Ministry of Emergency Situations emphasizes that the procurement of firefighting equipment from domestic producers is supported through the state defense order as part of the domestic defense-industrial complex. Seventy percent of the total equipment acquired for the ministry comes from domestic manufacturers.