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An equipped service center was launched at automobile assembly plant “ASTANA MOTORS"

Incomplete vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Trans Auto, which is part of the KMC “Astana Motors”, held the official opening of the service center . The main direction of the service center is the professional repair and maintenance of cargo and passenger equipment...

3 service centers are opened at the station, where any repair works could be carried out at the same time. As it was noted during the tour, the car assembly plant has trained personnel, extensive experience and all necessary equipment recommended by Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). In addition to such works as maintenance, including engines; repair, diagnostics and replacement of engines for a similar one; installation of gearbox and clutch; replacement of cabins; repair and replacement of electrical equipment and wiring; technical assistance; cargo tire fitting and much more, technical maintenance and repair of special equipment, as well as installation of additional equipment are carried out there.

Representatives of Hyundai Motor Company noted that “we are very pleased to be present at the grand opening of the service center.” We are pleased and we are proud that your company is developing rapidly and we hope this development will continue in the future. We wish success and prosperity to the service center. I personaly hope, that here woulb be  established all business processes that would increase in monetary terms and human resources.“

According to Alexander Kravtsov, the head of the Hyundai Trans Auto service, a full range of services is presented here: from bolt replacement to overhaul. “The peculiarity is that now we have become service dealers, all the works will be carried out according to the rules, besides, the cost of services will change in the direction of reduction,” A. Kravtsov noted.

Recall, Hyundai Trans Auto carries out professional repairs and maintenance of cargo and passenger vehicles (buses) produced by Hyundai and MAZ. Here, Hyundai and MAZ automotive equipment is being repaired, scheduled maintenance, as well as ordering the installation of additional equipment.